Dubbing/voice over allows the audience to fully immerse themselves in the action and feel a sense
of familiarity with the characters, the narrator
and the story.

When it comes to the voice casting, we work with a large team of voice talents who have a long-term experience in dubbing and voice over which allows us to offer
a wide variety of voices to suit all types of content, whether it is for animation, documentaries, fiction,
video games, corporate communications or e-learning.

A dubbing project can be complex to organise and
the process can be quite long. We have a long term experience in this field and we work with top experts and technicians in the industry.


When considering to localize content for children,
there are various factors that make the localization process different than it is for the other types of content.

Some of these factors include working with children or casting the perfect voice talents who are experienced
in producing voices for children content. You may also require to localize the songs in different languages
to make your content fully localized for your young audience.

We are highly experienced with children content and with the difficulties involved in its localization.
We have worked on many projects for our clients helping them make their localization strategy a success for their children audience.


Localization of factual content requires to be highly accurate in order to be appreciated by its audience.

Whether it requires subtitling or voice over,
we have a deep understanding of factual content and we know how important it is to have a well-written and accurate adaptation in other languages in order
to make it a truly enjoyable experience for the audience.


Our experienced subtitlers understand very well
the mechanisms of subtitling and the audience's perspective, which is why they have a really talented editing mind as well as being agile linguists.

There are several factors we take into account,
such as reading speed, positioning of the subtitles,
the language used etc. which affect the fluidity
of the subtitles and the audience's enjoyment,
as a result.

From the linguistic point, the difficulty resides
in expressing the same message by using less words.
This can be challenging but completely possible with the right level of linguistic experience.


At NATIV SPEAKERS we are passionate about video games and we understand the localization process is an intense process with multiple challenges.
We provide dedicated localization solutions and translation resources for Console and Computer games, Casual games, Mobile games, MMO games and Online Gambling games.

We work with translators, editors, technicians and
studio partners who are experienced in video game localization who can recreate the atmosphere and
the sensations of your games in the local native language.


Nowadays Closed Captioning and Audio Description are key components of the media content landscape.

Closed Captioning originally created for the deaf and hard-of-hearing audience, are now also used by
a wider audience for various purposes. We have
a long-term experience in this area and we understand very well the importance of having good quality
closed captions for the added value it represents
for your content and its wider distribution.

Audio Description (AD) is also another key element of today’s media world. It is often described as a separate
audio track with a recorded narration to allow blind and visually-impaired audiences follow the story.
Which it is… but it is so much more.

When produced well, Audio Description brings families and friends together to enjoy a good movie, or an exciting documentary.
From our experiences speaking with viewers, audio description allows for example the grandfather with low vision to enjoy a comedy
with his family and speak about it later with his grandchildren.

The powerful impact of content with good quality AD cannot be underestimated as it goes beyond the story of the content itself.
We have a long term experience working with the best writers and voices and we know how to produce an audio description that’ll make
your content an unforgettable experience.


The right music combined with your media content can have a very powerful effect on your audience’s experience. Music is perceived as a universal language but it is a language understood and felt differently from culture to culture.
It conveys different emotions and a different language across cultures. And when localizing content, it is key
to understand these differences.

We compose music and adapt songs for media content that speak and sound familiar to local audiences across the world. We work with highly talented and experienced music artists as well as audio specialists to help our clients have a music or a song adapted to their media content that allows them to have a lasting connection with their local audiences.


When you make the decision of expanding your presence to an international level, your online reach takes a whole new dimension. Whether you are starting a new business or you are a well-established organization, making your message, your brand or products accessible online to an international audience in multiple languages is an exciting venture that needs special attention.

An efficient website localization involves striking the right balance between keeping your identity and expressing a message in a language and style that your audience quickly relates to.

The success of a localized website depends on the quality of its adaptation to the local language and culture. We have a long term experience in this field and we work with experienced experts and technicians in the industry to adapt and design websites for local audiences.